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How to make a great R reproducible example

When discussing performance with colleagues, teaching, sending a bug report or searching for guidance on mailing lists and here on Stack Overflow, a reproducible example is often asked and always helpful. What are your tips for creating an excellent example? How do you paste data structures from r in a text format? What other information should you include? Are there other ... Read More »

What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it?

What are Null Pointer Exceptions (java.lang.NullPointerException) and what causes them? What methods/tools can be used to determine the cause so that you stop the exception from causing the program to terminate prematurely? When you declare a reference variable (i.e. an object) you are really creating a pointer to an object. Consider the following code where you declare a variable of ... Read More »

How to parse nodes with mixed repeating and non-repeating child nodes?

Let’s start by disposing of any notion that this might be a duplicate of How to read xml document in MVC core (1.0.0)? which considers only this structure, trivially expressible as things: thing[]. <things> <thing>..</thing> <thing>..</thing> <thing>..</thing> … </things> This question is about how to express the following as classes. <things> <a>..</a> <b>..</b> <c>..</c> <d>..</d> <d>..</d> <d>..</d> … </things> This ... Read More »

How to read xml document in MVC core (1.0.0)?

Ask Question: I’m new to web programming and decided to switch from .net 4.5 to .net core. My project has a static xml document in the following location: wwwroot/Countries/en-GB.xml How would one go about reading the xml file at the specified path? Eventually I will convert the data to a SelectList. In .net 4.5 I used DataSet’s and HttpConext…MapPath to ... Read More »

[Download] Rom Global for Samsung Galaxy Note8 Korea

[Download] Rom Global for Samsung Galaxy Note8 Korea Global rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Korea Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus, the Galaxy Note 8 has an extremely attractive screen design. This smartphone is stronger, stronger and stronger because the edges are less curved. At a relatively high price, owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does ... Read More »

[Guide] Unlock Samsung Galaxy J3 J320F / J320H / J320A

Samsung Galaxy j3 j320F / j320H / J320A SIM network unlock PIN. Someone when received the machine from abroad (Maybe to be relatives, may be ordered ship from abroad …), but when the Sim on the Samsung machine received the message “SIM NETWORK UNLOCK THE BATTERY” . This notice means that your Samsung Galaxy phone is locked, you must UNLOCK SAMSUNG ... Read More »

[Guide] Root Samsung Galaxy j3 (j320F / j320P ) Android Lollipop

Samsung galaxy j3 2016 has not been autoroot.Chainfire released the root tool, so using the root method that I have introduced in this article will not be possible [Solution] Root Samsung Galaxy Android.     So how to Root samsung galaxy j3? In this article I share with you the method of Root Galaxy j3 the J320F version, J320P … are in ... Read More »

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