[Download] Rom Global for Samsung Galaxy Note8 Korea

[Download] Rom Global for Samsung Galaxy Note8 Korea

Global rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Korea
Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus, the Galaxy Note 8 has an extremely attractive screen design. This smartphone is stronger, stronger and stronger because the edges are less curved.

At a relatively high price, owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not mean that everyone can afford to buy a portable device to save money. However, for Samsung Galaxy portable users have to Up Rom for more convenient use of the device.

LG Vinh introduces the Rom Global for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Korean handsets with new features, using the operating system Android 8.0, support 2 Sim.

– Updated the latest patch on Sammobile N950FXXU4CRG3
– Camera S9plus
– Messages, contacts, S9plus collection
– The latest Google service
– Unlimited messages
– Clear all Korean home network spam
– Mute the picture
– Latest Iron Kernel Update

The Up Rom for the Samsung Galaxy is similar to LG Vinh had previously guided.

Install Driver
Download Odin
Use Odin to Up Rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Click AP and rom flash in Download Mode
After flashing, it will boot into TWRP. Clear the data by selecting WIPE / FORMAT DATA / YES and press Enter. Then select Reboot.


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