How to Buy HostGator Hosting for Beginners

There have been many articles instructing how to register for hosting of the famous HostGator provider of the US, but the author still wants to rewrite this topic in a full and understandable way for even readers Knowing about the Internet can also be done easily. In addition, this article does not stop at instructing buying steps, but also advising you to choose the most suitable Hosting package, which helps you feel secure to use Hostgator’s service without worrying about thinking. Unnecessary problems!

Preparation: Before taking the steps below, you need to prepare a Visa Debit bank card and deposit an amount of approximately 100 USD  into this card. If you do not have a Visa Debit card, you can also use your PayPal account to pay if you do not want to share your Visa Debit card information with your hosting provider.

Steps for Buying a HostGator Hosting for Beginners

For beginners to build a website, you can choose to use Web Hosting technology instead of Cloud Hosting or WordPress Hosting to save costs. With the advantages of low cost, strong server usage up to 32 CPUs, unlimited bandwidth and capacity, … Hostgator’s Web Hosting is a strong and suitable type of Hosting to deploy many common PHP source codes like WordPress or Joomla. In the future when the website sources good revenue, you can easily switch to using Cloud Hosting or WordPress Hosting! Here are the steps to guide you how to buy HostGator’s Web Hosting for beginners:

Step 1: Visit the HostGator Web Hosting order page by clicking here.

HostGator Shared Hosting Plans with Free SSL for as low as $2.75/mo.

Step 2: Choose the right Hosting package for you.

After accessing according to the instructions in step 1, HostGator’s Web Hosting service packages appear as follows:

How to Buy HostGator Hosting for Beginners

After accessing according to the instructions in step 1, HostGator’s Web Hosting service packages appear as follows:

Here you will find 3 service packages to choose from with features to note:

  • Basic Plan: Basic package, allows you to install only one domain name! (may change to another domain name in the future).
  • Essentials Plan: Allows you to install unlimited domain names!
  • Pro Plan: Allows you to install unlimited domains + support SSL and IP (to create https: // links later for the website).

So depending on your needs is to build only one website or multiple websites and do you want to create a https: // link for the website, but choose the right package for you.

For beginners to make a web site and need to save costs, you can choose the Basic Plan package by clicking on the “Sign Up Now!” Button as shown in the above illustration and going to step 3!


Step 3: Conduct registration.

  1. Under “Choose a Domain”, you should select the option “I Already Own This Domain” and enter the domain name you want to register in the “Enter Your Domain” box as shown:

Buy HostGator Hosting

Note: If you do not have a domain name, you are recommended to register a domain name at a Domain Name Specialist to easily convert Hosting to another provider when there is a need in the future. You can easily register domain names according to instructions: Domain Registration Guide For Beginners.

2. Under “Choose a Hosting Plan”, select Package Type as Hatchling (corresponding to Basic Plan). Choose Billing Cycle for 12 months or select a different month to get more discounts!

Download HostGator full

Also note:

Username: Name the Username you use to log into the Hosting admin page after you successfully register. For example: tutorial4you, … In order not to make mistakes, you need to pay attention when naming the Username:

  • Do not write in capital letters.
  • Must start with a letter (if starting with a number, an error will be reported).
  • A minimum of 2 characters and a maximum of 12 characters.
  • Does not contain special characters.

Security PIN: Create a security code of any 4 numbers as you like. This code is used to confirm account holder information when you contact their customer support

3. Under “Enter Your Billing Info”, enter your personal information as well as Visa Debit / Visa Card / Master Card information according to the available form as shown below:

Download HostGator Hosting Full

Note when entering personal information:

  • Email: You enter your email address.
  • First Name and Last Name: You enter your Name and Last Name (including your middle name). Your first and last name must match the Print Name on your bank card.

Note when entering bank card information:

  • Name On Card: Enter the name printed on your bank card.
  • Credit Card Number: Bank card number.
  • CVV Code: CVV code includes 3 numbers on your bank card.
  • Expiration Date: Month and Expiry Date of bank card.

4. In the “Add Additional Services” section, in order to reduce costs during the web practice, you can “uncheck” the default options as shown below:


5. In the “Enter a Coupon Code” section, enter the discount code “… .001” if you subscribe to buy one month, or enter the discount code “OFF25 ….” To get a 25% discount, or enter the code The discount is “…… 60OFF” to be reduced to 60%, then click the “Validate” button to check if the discount code is still valid:

How to Buy HostGator Hosting for Beginners

If next to the “Validate” button shows a green mark as shown in the above illustration, the discount code is applicable to your order!

6. In the “Review Order Details” section, you will review the order details, in which “Amount Due” is the final amount you will pay after deducting the discount amount for you:

How to Buy HostGator Hosting for Beginners

If all information is complete and accurate, you check the option “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service, …” to agree to the terms of use of HostGator, then click on CHECKOUT NOW button to make registration and order payment!

If the payment is successful, you will receive a “Payment Completed” message as follows:

How to Buy HostGator Hosting for Beginners


After a few seconds of waiting or after you click on the link “Click here if you haven’t been automatically redirected”, your Manage Orders page on HostGator appears:

How to Buy HostGator Hosting for Beginners

In addition, HostGator will also send you an email with the subject “Your Account Info” containing all the necessary information so you can log into your Account Manager and Hosting Management Account in the future. :

Download Free HostGator Hosting

For example, with the email content as shown in the illustration above:

  • You login to the Order Management Account page with the link:, use the password is addjksjkaj … .. and the login email is the email you used to register with HostGator.
  • You log into your Hosting Control Account page with the link:, Username: tutorial4you, Password: ws1WGv02 … ..
  • You configure your domain name with information: 1st Nameserver:, 2nd Nameserver:, Server IP:

At this point, you have almost completed the process of registering your Hosting on HostGator!

Step 4: Verify account.

This is the last step you need to take! Like other global online service providers, HostGator will need to verify that the information you provide them is correct.

Specifically after completing Step 3, you will also receive an email asking you to send them information to authenticate:

Download Free HostGator Hosting

Accordingly, they suggest you provide them:

  1. A copy of your SCAN Passport or Driver’s License.
  2. A SCAN of Visa Debit / Visa Card / Master Card (in case you use a bank card to buy Hosting). To protect card information, you can use black tape to cover the bank card number and leave only the last 4 digits on the bank card.

Hint: You can also use your phone to take photos of bank documents and cards instead of scanning provided that the information on the photo must be clear.

After you have prepared the information according to their requirements, you only need to reply to their mail in the form of “Reply” with the attached files as photos or scans, you can also attach them. letters such as:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I send you a scanned copy of my Photo ID and Visa Debit Card.

Please check it !

Thanks & Best Regards,

If authentication is not successful, they can send you an email asking you to provide more information. If the authentication is successful, you will receive an email confirming “We have activated account / we have activated your account” similar to the following:

Download Free HostGator Hosting

At this point, you can be completely assured because the entire process of buying a Hosting on HostGator is complete! Your next step is to start pointing the domain name to Hosting and put your website content on Hosting so people can access your website.

Gator Website Builder, Hosting and Domain all starting from $3.46

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